Useful Timers
Useful Timers

Useful Timers

Yoto supports both morning and bedtime routines, making it easier for parents to get kids up and out first thing and then back in bed on time in the evening. Use Yoto to both ease and enhance the daily rhythms of school life.

Want to whizz through the must-dos before the school run? Our free Toothbrush Timer will make morning tasks that bit more fun! And if you want to see all the free timers available, head on over to the Discover section in the Yoto App.

To find the timer feature on the Yoto App, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the Players tab.

2. Tap on Settings.

3. Scroll down to Day Mode or Night Mode.

4. In either modes, there will be Right Button Shortcuts areas.

5. Tap on Change next to First or Second Press to set up the timer.


To download the artwork for these free timers, click on each image below:



Over your morning Cheerios or while traveling into school, tune in to Jake’s Yoto Daily podcast episode for fun and informative facts about the day, as well as games and chat, all for free, freshly delivered to your Yoto Player every single day.

Come bedtime, the child-friendly moon/sun display will help children know when it’s time for bed, and the Yoto Player’s Night light functionality and the endless Story library and Sleep Radio will help children drift off to sleep, fuss-free. Ready to start all over again tomorrow!

If you'd like to see anything else on the Yoto App, chat on our support page or get in touch via social media!

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