Staff Selects: LEGO® Duplo on International LEGO® Day
Staff Selects: LEGO® Duplo on International LEGO® Day

Staff Selects: LEGO® Duplo on International LEGO® Day

Words by Jessica Tarrant, Content Director at Yoto
LEGO Duplo bricks are some of the most frequently used - and most durable! - items in our toy box. Before my eldest son progressed to LEGO, he spent countless hours building and playing with our ever-increasing supply of colourful and pleasingly chunky Duplo bricks.
Parents all over the world trust the LEGO Duplo brand to educate and inspire their children through building and play. So when we had the opportunity at Yoto to join forces with LEGO Duplo and create totally original audio experiences to enhance playtime, we leapt at the chance!

Every card in our award-winning LEGO Duplo card range on Yoto has been specially created to offer a soundtrack to playtime—prompting children to use their LEGO Duplo bricks - or any other toy you have - to count, stack, build, identify colours, letters, numbers or animal sounds, or simply listen and enjoy a story or song that complements any one of the key early-years themes featured in each pack.
We know that playtime is precious, and that’s why these card packs combine all the best bits of imaginative play with subtle educational cues. This will guide exploration and learning at the appropriate pace for your child.
One gloomy January morning, I gave my youngest son the choice of listening to the Down on the Farm card set or A is for Alphabet. This was while he was enjoying some independent play. He confidently selected the Farmyard Sounds card and spent the next ten minutes digging out every pig, cow or sheep he could find amongst our jumble of toys (did you know that identifying everyday sounds is an imperative early step in your child’s journey with phonics?) and then, prompted by the Farmyard Helpers story, set about driving his Duplo tractor over the bumpy green grass.
Every time I thought he'd tuned out of listening, he’d repeat a word or phrase from the story, happily absorbed in play and discovery at his own pace. Besides the obvious educational benefits of this soundtracked play increasing his listening stamina and expanding his vocabulary, the practical benefits meant he played independently for much longer than he would usually - stretching his imaginative and creative muscles, while I had the chance to make a cup of tea!
Next up, we tried the A is for Alphabet cards, which were a huge hit with my oldest a couple of years ago. My toddler isn’t quite ready to identify letters independently as prompted by some of the activity cards. Instead, we built a truck together while singing ‘A, B, C’ from the M is for Music card.
In a few months’ time, his engagement and interest in the letters themselves will open up a new path of exploration and learning - guided by the fantastic letter-learning activities in this set - but in the meantime, getting familiar with letters, numbers and colours is a helpful way to build confidence and set your child up for success in their individual learning journey.
Oh, and when it’s time to pack all those bricks away, don’t forget to head to the Yoto App and activate our free tidy-up timer. Engaging play AND voluntary tidying up? Winner!
All in all, if you’re looking for a way to enhance your child’s playtime and kick off their learning adventure, these LEGO Duplo cards are a great place to start.
Happy International LEGO Day - and happy playing!

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