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Yoto Hacks

Yoto Hacks

Want to know all the cool things you can do on Yoto? This is your one-stop shop for Yoto hacks and cheat sheets. Sure, it's written by us, but we're an open book (audio player)! In short: we want you to find these hacks.
For instance, did you know that you can change what the buttons on your Yoto Player/Mini do? *crowd gasps*
Here are just some of the cool things you can do on Yoto:
Submit 'Friyay Jokes'
If you know, you know! Friday is all about jokes on Yoto Daily and we'd love to hear yours! Hop on the mic and record your favourite thigh-slappers and rib-ticklers for your chance to be broadcast on Yoto Daily.

Attach your audio files to the form on this page.

The buttons on our players behave differently depending on whether a card is inserted or not, and also sometimes if the orientation of the player changes (Yoto Player only).
There are default settings that are programmed to each button when you receive your player, which you can change from the Yoto App—including adding shortcuts to the right-hand button. This is just one of the many ways you can tailor your Yoto experience to suit your family.
You can select from a range of Yoto Timers, Yoto Radio/Sleep Radio, and podcasts. You can even have different shortcuts for different times of day!
White Noise
Did you know you can transform your player into a sound machine? 'Sleep Sounds' is a section of the Yoto App that's filled with great audio for winding down and dozing off in the evenings.
You'll find White, Pink, and even Brown Noise as well as some calming natural soundscapes. Do your kids want to drift off next to the lapping water of Lake Venados in Argentina? We've got you covered! Or maybe they want to relax to the sounds of a campsite in rural France? Pas de problème!
Play the audio directly from the app to a Yoto Player or Yoto Mini (for example, so that the audio will play through Yoto Player while the night light is on), or create a Make Your Own Card using the free sleep sounds in the app.
Download the app here.
Yoto Radio/Sleep Radio Timers
In the Sleep Sounds section of the app you can also find Yoto Sleep Radio which is a bedtime blend of soothing sounds and songs to have your little ones nodding (off) to the beat.

When your Yoto Player's clock switches from Day to Night, Yoto Radio will turn into Yoto Sleep Radio and will be accessible by tapping the right-hand orange button twice.
You can adjust the time of this transition in the 'Settings' section of the Yoto App.
Night Light
The Yoto Player Night Light is a favourite feature in many households. Just flip Yoto Player onto its face and the night light will switch on. You can even change between seven different colours inside the Yoto App! 
You can even select a different colour for Day/Night Mode so that when the night light colour changes, kids will know it's OK to get up (and bother their parents)!

Yoto Alarm
This feature is perfect for when it's time to wake up, leave for school, or start getting ready for bed.

You can set a maximum of ten alarms per player. Choose the time/day of the week, set the volume, and pick from one of seven sounds to mark the start of a new day, including ‘Wake with Jake’.

To get started, you'll need to have the latest version of the app and player OS 2.10.7. Read our how-to guide.
Got a question or a suggestion? Chat to us on social media, or fill out the contact form on our support page.

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