Summer Stories

Summer Stories


Yoto Says: Over 4 hours of splendid summer-time stories written by the beloved Enid Blyton.

A wonderful selection of 27 short stories about holidays by one of the world's best-loved children's authors, Enid Blyton.

1. The Fish That Got Away
2. The Enchanted Toadstool
3. Jimmy and the Elephant Man
4. The Little Button Elves
5. The Girl Who Was Left Behind
6. A Story of Magic Strawberries
7. The Marvellous Pink Vase
8. When Molly Missed the Bus
9. A Bit of Good Luck
10. The Surprising Buns
11. Pretty Star the Pony
12. The Stolen Shadow
13. On Jimmy's Birthday
14. Bonzo Gets into Trouble
15. The Roundabout Man
16. The Fairy's Shoemaker
17. Something Funny Going On
18. The Little Toy Maker
19. Billy's Bicycle
20. That Girl Next Door
21. The Boy Who Never Put Things Back
22. Policeman Billy
23. Think Hard Boatman
24. The Wishing Spells
25. The Girl Who Had Hiccups
26. Christina's Kite
27. The Galloping Seahorse

Currently not available for shipping in the Philippines. 

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