Scam Email Notice

We have seen that the Yoto name and/or the names of some of our employees have recently been used in fraudulent scam emails or LinkedIn direct contacts. The unsolicited emails (sometimes coming from purport to be sent from individuals who genuinely work at Yoto, often with requests to apply for jobs and undertake interviews.

We do not have any involvement in the emails and our name is being used without our authorisation.

What should I look out for?

Our email domains have the suffix, so you should not receive any legitimate emails from addresses that do not contain this.

Please check the sender's details and be aware of email addresses that may look similar to our domain but are not identical. If in doubt, please do not reply to the email you have received but email any of these contacts on a side channel, to check if it is legitimate.

Please be cautious if you receive unsolicited emails or contacts claiming to be from Yoto that ask you to do suspicious things, such as: asking you to click on hyperlinks; encouraging you to provide confidential or personal information, including your bank details; or to download an app (such as Signal), to converse with the sender.

What should I do?

  • We strongly recommend that you do not engage in any correspondence that seems suspicious.
  • Please contact Yoto directly at to confirm if this is a legitimate contact and to notify us of the sending email address so we can further investigate.
  • Where possible, please report such activities to the platform they are contacting you from, for example, Gmail or LinkedIn.
  • Please delete the correspondence once you have informed Yoto and any other relevant provider.