Although this Yoto Card is perfect for children, those under 3 years old should only use Yoto Player or Yoto Mini under adult supervision.

Starlight Dance by Mrs H and the Sing Along Band

Starlight Dance by Mrs H and the Sing Along Band


Yoto Says: Mrs. H is back with her sing-a-long band and 13 new hits that will be sure to get the whole family dancing, wiggling, and singing along.

A collective of professional musicians united by their passion of bringing quality music to children and their families, Starlight Dance by Mrs H and the Singalong Band is the bands second wonderful compilation of songs for the whole family.

1 - Starlight Dance
2 - The Seagull Song
3 - Coconut Woman
4 - Nut Tree
5 - Made for Sharing
6 - Bread Song
7 - Floating Along
8 - Half Moon Face
9 - You Can Do That
10 - Every Step of the Way
11 - Sea Door
12 - All I Want is More
13 - Lost in Time

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