Sleepy Songs

Sleepy Songs


Yoto Says: The perfect way to refresh your collection of lullabies, this album of sleepy songs will send your little ones off into a musical slumber. 

Caspar Babypants has created this compilation of his favourite sleepy tunes exclusively for Yoto, songs that are beautifully crafted and designed to gently send little ones off to slumbertown. From ‘Spider’s Lullaby’ to ‘Bye Bye Day’, these unique and wonderful songs are filled with peaceful lyrics and calming melodies to wind down with for bedtime. 

Track Listing: 

1. Intro
2. Bedtime Blues
3. I've Been Sleepy On The Raildroad
4. Sun Go
5. Turtle Train
6. Sleepy Eyed
7. Tumble
8. Even Bugs Are Sleeping
9. Counting Sheep
10. Sleeping Baby
11. Nap In The Afternoon
12. Golden Sunset
13. Spiders Lullaby
14. When Sleep Comes
15. Groggy Baby
16. Baby Cloud
17. Alphabet Christmas Lullaby
18. Bye Bye Day
19. Me And You
20. If You're Sleepy
21. Light The Stars

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