Stories of Magic and Mischief

Stories of Magic and Mischief


Yoto saysA selection of 30 magical and mischievous short stories by Britain's most beloved children's author - perfect for sharing at Halloween!

Witches and pixies abound in this magical selection of 30 short stories, perfect for seasonal listening and sharing. Each story stands alone and is the perfect length for listening to at bedtime or in the classroom. Enid Blyton remains one of Britain's favourite children's authors, and her bumper short story collections are perfect for introducing her to the latest generation of listeners.

1. The Goblin's Dog
2. The Most Peculiar Knocker
3. The Bonfire Folk
4. Tell-Tale!
5. A Peculiar Adventure
6. The Wishing Jug
7. The Moon in the Pail
8. The Enchanted Shoes
9. The Little Brownie House
10. The Wizard's Needle
11. The Blackberry Gnome
12. The Whispering Pool
13. Millicent Mary's Surprise
14. A Strange Thing to Happen
15. Twinkle Gets into Mischief
16. The Fairy in the Cracker
17. The Storm Fairies Get Into Mischief
18. Fiddle-De-Dee's Spell
19. Peronel's Magic Polish
20. The Wrong Side of the Bed
21. The Talking Shoes
22. The Inquisitive Hedgehog
23. The Brownie and the Witch
24. Bubbly's Trick
25. Timothy's Tooth
26. The Enchanted Button
27. The Seven Crosspatches
28. Peter Penny
29. The Dog, the Cat and the Duck
30. The Flyaway Brooms

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