Summer Holiday Stories

Summer Holiday Stories


Yoto Says: The perfect collection of Summer Holiday adventures written by famous children's story teller Enid Blyton. 

A wonderful selection of 22 fantastical summer stories by one of the world's best-loved children's authors, Enid Blyton.

1. The Goblin Aeroplane
2. Billy-Bob Has a Surprise
3. First Walk in July
4. The Enchanted Sea
5. A Knot in Twiddle's Hanky
6. The Fox and the Six Cats
7. Mr. Medal and the Bull
8. Mr. Pinkwhistle's Party
9. Second Walk in July
10. The Great Big Fish
11. Flip's Sunstroke
12. Nicky's Motorcar
13. The Very Forgetful Gnome
14. Somebody Saw
15. The Little Paper Folk
16. The Little Prickly Family
17. They Said He Was Too Small
18. When the Moon Was Blue
19. The Bumblebee Hums
20. Andrew's Robin
21. The Two Cross Boys
22. The Old Bicycle

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