Yoto App Release 2.41
Yoto App Release 2.41

Yoto App Release 2.41

Does it get more exciting than a new app update? Of course it doesn't!
We know you're dying to hear about the changes we've made. To see these updates, make sure you're using version 2.41
To check which version of the app you’re using, open the Yoto app, click ‘Menu’ and scroll down to see the app version.
Sneak preview of what's been added:
1. See what content is and isn’t downloaded to your player
2. Sort your card library by ‘last added’
3. Make easier adjustments to your player's display brightness using +/- buttons
4. Find where to add a new Make Your Own playlist quicker
5. A new seek bar while on lock screen for iOS users
Audio download status
It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for! You can now see exactly which content is and isn’t downloaded to your Player.
Sort by ‘last added’  
You can now sort your card library by ‘last added, so it’s easier than ever to find the card you added most recently. 

Player display brightness
We’ve added plus and minus buttons to help make adjusting the brightness easier. Should you set the brightness to 0, the message - ‘Display is now turned off’, will show.
Adding a new MYO playlist 
Add a new Make Your Own playlist using the blue + icon.   
Seek bar while on lock screen
 iOS users can find a new seek bar function available while on lock screen which allows you to adjust the audio playback forwards or backwards, without having to unlock your phone to check the app.

Loving the new update? 
We’d love to read your review on iOS or Android!
What would you like to see added next? Let us know on social media or send us an email via hello@yotoplay.com!

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