World Music Day: Meet Yoto's Head of Music!
World Music Day: Meet Yoto's Head of Music!

World Music Day: Meet Yoto's Head of Music!

World Music Day: Meet Yoto’s Head of Music

Happy #WorldMusicDay! 🎵 We’re big fans of music around here, in all its forms. From the upbeat and playful to the sleepy and gentle, there’s a tune for every family with Yoto - and what better way to celebrate the joy of music than by sitting down with Dominic Hodge, Yoto’s very own Head of Music.


About Dom: My name is Dom and I look after all things music at Yoto, working with artists to bring amazing tunes to families around the world. I also look after our Sleep Radio and Yoto Radio stations.

Q: Share a memory of music in your childhood - why is it special to you?

A: I’d have to say one of my favourites was having dance parties with my mum, dad and brothers and being allowed to choose music from their vinyl records and cassette tapes. There was Abba, Elton John, Otis Redding, Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, James Taylor - so much music that I still adore today. I still have some of those records in my collection and love to play them, there’s lots of dust and hiss but that makes them sound even more lovely to me.

Q: How did you first learn about Yoto? 

A: I know Ben, one of our founders, from his days in the music industry and when the Kickstarter was launched I fell in love with the idea. There was something so simple and universal about the concept but it also felt so new and unique. I was a very proud supporter and stayed in touch with the team as Yoto grew - I’m really happy to be part of that team now.

Q: Why do you love making and curating music?

A: Music helps me make sense of the world around me. It’s soundtracked many happy moments, but also helped me get through tough times. I love playing and recording music as a creative release and I’ve always loved sharing music with other people and seeing the reaction it gives.

It’s been such a joy to discover and work with all the artists we have Yoto cards from. Their passion for making music that kids can relate to and that has depth and substance is amazing. We get lots of messages from parents and kids around the world telling us about the music they love and also music they’d love us to feature. I’m always grateful for the feedback and it’s wonderful to see the passion that music brings out in people.

Q: If you were a musical instrument what would you be and why?

A: I love this question, but it’s also so hard for me to answer! I have a studio full of weird and wonderful instruments, all of which I love and can relate to. However if I had to pick one I’d say I’d be an Omnichord. It’s an unusual keyboard made in Japan in the 1980s. It has a quirky personality - it sounds old and new at the same time and most of all it is really fun to use. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, when it comes to music I think that’s important!

Q: What’s your favourite sound and why?

A: I’d have to say my daughter’s laugh and more recently her animal noises and singing. Hearing and seeing her respond to music has been the most magical thing for me. She even tried some beatboxing today and that put a huge smile on my face.

Q: Can you give us some hints of exciting new music coming to Yoto?

A: There’s so much exciting music coming - music from around the world and from some classic and new artists. We also have some amazing music that we’ve designed to help kids (and adults) focus and some really cool new soundscapes to use in creative play.

We’re also creating lots of original and unique music that’s only available on Yoto including some cards to soundtrack road trips, summer fun and a little later this year some spooky Halloween tunes too! I can’t wait to hear what people think of them.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Dom, as he is the heart and soul behind much of the lovely music you hear on Yoto! 
How will your family celebrate #WorldMusicDay? Show us by posting a photo and tagging us on social media or sending us an email at🎶
If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our latest interview with Caspar Babypants as part of our #MeetTheMusician series, and stay tuned as we have another exciting feature coming up!

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