Learn a new Language with Yoto!

Learn a new Language with Yoto!

3 tips for teaching your child a new language

Have you ever wished that you could speak another language? You’re not alone! Six in ten UK adults wish they’d kept up the foreign language they studied at school. Studies show that younger minds find it easier to pick up a second (or even third!) language, and that the critical learning period is between just six and twelve months of age. Wow!

Learning languages has lots of benefits, too, like increased creativity, better problem-solving skills, cultural awareness and more. But it can be tough to know how to start teaching your child a new language - especially when they’re only just getting to grips with their native language! So here are some tips for making the language-learning experience as smooth as possible for the whole family.

  • Start as early as possible

  • Like we said, it’s never too early to start learning a language! Getting ahead of the game gives your child a better chance of mastering the language as they grow. Our My First 100 Words Card is perfect for introducing tiny ears to common words in five different languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish and English.

  • Utilise immersive learning

  • Languages are picked up faster when the learner is immersed in it. You’ll learn French much quicker if you’re living in France! Luckily, there are a wide range of programs that use repetition, audio and visuals to help mimic this immersive experience. Our brand-new language series, Ladybird Language Stories, is a series of interactive adventures through France, Germany and Spain, made specially for children aged four and up. They’ll travel around each country with an expert guide, learning simple greetings, directions and a range of helpful phrases. Suitcases at the ready!

  • Make it fun!

  • Did you dread your French lessons at school? You’re probably not the only one. Learning a language can be complex, difficult and frustrating at times. That’s why it’s so important to make it fun! There are many ways to do this with your children. If you’re not fluent in the language, why not learn it with them? Get the whole family involved and make it a team effort! Incorporate music, song and dance into your language sessions. Make it interactive with objects, images and colour. You could even use any screen time to play their favourite cartoons in the language they’re learning.  

    We hope these tips help you on your child’s language-learning journey. To explore the wide range of titles in our Card Store, click here. Happy learning!

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