January Yoto Daily Schedule
January Yoto Daily Schedule

January Yoto Daily Schedule

Bring in the new year with Jake and all-new episodes of Yoto Daily!
Jake has prepared an episode containing a round-up of Yoto Daily's 'best of 2022', which can only mean one thing...it's New Year's Day! Listen out for some all-time favourites such as Would You Rather, Simon Says, Odd One Out, and plenty of Friyay Jokes.
Here's the full schedule:
1st January - Jake News (Best of 2022)
2nd January - Word of the Day
3rd January - Alphabetter
4th January - Five Fantastic Facts
5th January - Riddles
6th January - Friyay Jokes
7th January - Missing Sounds
8th January - Family Quiz
9th January - Word of the Day
10th January - Cheese and Chocolate
11th January - Five Fabulous Facts
12th January - Tongue Twisters
13th January - Friyay Jokes
14th January - Simon Says
15th January - Draw-along
16th January - Word of the Day
17th January - Odd One Out
18th January - Five Fascinating Facts
19th  January - Guess that Sound
20th  January - Friyay Jokes
21st January - Jake News
22nd January - Beat the Buzzer
23rd  January - Word of the Day
24th  January - Magic 10
25th  January - Five Fantastic Facts
26th  January - Would You Rather?
27th  January - Friyay Jokes
28th  January - Sound Memory Game
29th January - Draw-along
30th  January - Word of the Day
31st December - Mixed up Maths
Simply press the right-hand button on your Yoto Player or Yoto Mini to join in on the fun. You can also listen to past episodes on the Yoto App.
Got a question about Yoto Daily? Chat to us on social media, or email Jake at yotodaily@yotoplay.com!

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