Help Your Kids Sleep Soundly with Yoto

Help Your Kids Sleep Soundly with Yoto

Bedtime can be a tricky moment in any household. It's a nightly event where wills collide and even the most agreeable of children might unleash their wild side.

When we designed Yoto Player, we knew it had to give parents more than a screen-free way to explore great kids' audio. That's why we gave it a nightlight and a clock, and have continued to add new features that support parents every day.

Sleep is a big part of family life, and if you're interested in learning about how Yoto Player can support your family at bed time - read on!

Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds is a new section of the Yoto App, which you can download free from the iOS and Android app stores. It's filled with great audio for winding down and dozing off in the evenings and we're sure it will help your kids settle into a good night's sleep.

In Sleep Sounds are noises like White and Pink Noise as well as some calming natural soundscapes. Do your kids want to drift off next to the lapping water of Lake Venados in Argentina? We've got you covered! Maybe they want to relax to the sounds of a campsite in rural France? Pas de problème!

There's a calming cello-esque soundscape which recalls (for us slightly older kids) a relaxing bedtime Vangelis. Do androids really dream of electric sheep? Time to find out!

Yoto Sleep Radio

Yoto Sleep Radio is a bedtime blend of soothing sounds and songs to have your little ones nodding (off) to the beat. You can find it under the Sleep Sounds section of the Yoto App!

Yoto Nightlight

The nightlight built into Yoto Player is a favourite feature in many households. Just flip Yoto Player onto its face and the nightlight will switch on. You can even change between seven different nightlight colours using the Yoto App. We're working on lots of new functions and features for the Yoto Nightlight and if you'd like to suggest some of your own, why not get in touch

Sleep Training with Yoto Clock

Yoto Player's colourful clock helps keep families moving forward, but did you know it can also help with bedtime?

In the Yoto App, you can set your preferred time to have the clock switch from day to night, and then from night to day. That makes it very handy for sleep training with young kids!

Just set your night clock for the time that kids need to turn out the lights and go to bed, and set the day clock to pop back up in the morning. Lots of Yoto parents tell their kids not to come and wake mum and dad up until the night clock switches to day! 

Sleep Stories and Sounds in the Card Store

Looking for the perfect audio bedtime story? Our card store has some fantastic sleepy stories to choose from which will settle your kids down in the evening. Plenty of parents will read to their kids in the evening, and when it's time for lights out, will pop a bedtime story on with Yoto Player.

You can even use your app to stop the story playing once you know the kids are asleep - even while you're relaxing on the couch! Don't worry, Yoto Player will turn itself off after an hour of sitting idle.

Bedtime Stories on Make Your Own Cards

Make Your Own Cards let you link your favourite songs, radio stations and podcasts to Yoto Cards. But did you know you can also use voice recordings from your phone?

Most smartphones come with great voice recorder apps which let you email your recordings once your done, plus there are free alternatives available in the app store.

For the ultimate feel-good evening, have a grandparent or other family member record a bedtime story, link it to a Make Your Own Card and have the kids play it on their Yoto Player as they go to bed.

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