New Year, New Discoveries
New Year, New Discoveries

New Year, New Discoveries

One of our key resolutions for this year at Yoto is to keep families inspired with new and exciting audio. And we plan to keep that resolution.
Some of you may have missed these new releases, and we wouldn't want you to get FOMO, would we? So, without further ado, please welcome to the Yoto Card Store...
Maths Phase 1 (0-5), (5-8)
 An innovative set of interactive cards introducing vital maths concepts; counting, adding, subtracting, shapes and more.
KidNuz (5-8)
Knowledge is power! An engaging kids’ newscast, bringing today’s top stories and current events to tomorrow’s curious minds. All nonpartisan and age appropriate.
Yoto Daily: Draw Along (0-5), (5-8)
 Create your own mini masterpieces with 12 draw-along activities from Yoto Daily; from under the sea to outer space!
Got a suggestion for what you might like to see on Yoto? Send us a message on social media!

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