Learn French with Yoto

Learn French with Yoto

Did you know that we have Yoto Cards in French?
From nursery rhymes to favourite stories and music, we have everything to spark a lifetime love for languages and cultures.
In this playful bilingual introduction to French, budding linguists will get off the Eurostar and wander around Paris with our expert guide and her dog Fifi while learning their first French phrases and brilliant facts about France.
The evocative sounds paint vivid images and put the phrases in a real-life context away from textbooks.
French children’s favourite nursery rhymes, including Une souris verteFrère JacquesSur le plancher, une araignée and many more!
Simple vocabulary, catchy rhythms and repeating rhymes to familiarise young children with French sounds.
One of France’s best-loved pieces of classical music by Camille Saint-Saëns.
Little ones will experience the thrill of spotting animal vocabulary and sounds while training their ears on focused listening.
We also have an English edition!
For bookworms who have memorised all the lines in their favourite books. Did you know we have French editions of many of Roald Dahl’s best-loved books? 
For older kids, listening to a familiar story in another language is an excellent way to expand vocabulary.
The adventures of Gudule, whose life was perfect until the arrival of her little brother Gaston, are enjoyed by generations in France. 
The stories are set in familiar settings such as the home, the kitchen and the school, and are an excellent way to practise everyday vocabulary.
Siblings Bulle and Bob explore everyday settings such as the garden, the beach, the farm… or the school.
Kids will learn everyday words while listening to what French children get up to and joining in the charming songs.
Mini Journal and Radio Yoto 
If you already love Yoto Daily and Yoto Radio, you might want to give the French versions a try for double the fun! In the app, look out for Mini Journal Yoto on the Podcasts section and Radio Yoto (FR) on the Radios section. 
Incorporate language-learning in your daily life by creating a French environment at home with music, podcasts and films.
New content every month
For more French content, open the Language filters on the left side of the website and select “French”.
We have loads of exciting stories and music, with much more to come. À bientôt !

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