Interactive Content and Audio Games
Interactive Content and Audio Games

Interactive Content and Audio Games

Words by Jenna Porteous, Senior Audio Producer
As a senior audio producer at Yoto, my favourite content to create is audio that is playful, fun and engaging. 
While there’s much to be said about putting on an audiobook, podcast, or soundscape to relax or fall asleep, the Yoto Player gives audio the opportunity to be an immersive and interactive experience. I love creating audio that gets kids up and moving, playing along, answering questions, and learning new things. 
Listening to audio doesn’t have to be a bums-on-seats experience! So, if you’re looking for a bit of fun, here are some of Yoto’s best interactive cards the whole family will enjoy.
Specially designed to encourage daily movement and exercise while being tried and tested with PE teachers and kids alike, this series will get the family stretching, jumping, doing Yoga, learning a new dance routine, and more. Move over burpees—these cards are all about fun! 
On each card, Kangaroo, Polar Bear, and Giraffe take listeners on a new adventure and encourage participation. There’s also an exercise-only track at the end for those busy kids who just want to get going. 
My personal favourite is Afternoon Activator—full of all the fun and games at Kangaroo’s birthday party. 
BrainBots: Biggest Ideas and The Human Body
When school closes, robots Nellie, Buzz, and Gibbs come to life and take listeners on fact-filled adventures to upload as much knowledge as they can to the Brain Bank before the next school day starts.
These are no ordinary adventures though—BrainBots can do things humans can’t! Think travelling through time, shrinking down, teleporting, and more! Get made into ice cream or travel back in time to see the invention of Braille in Series 1: Biggest Ideas, or ride through the body on a blood cell and even get sneezed out through the nose in Series 2: The Human Body. 
At the end of each card, there’s a BrainBots quiz for kids to shout out their answers and see how much they’ve learned. Don’t forget to test your buzzer!
This pack explores wondrous wildlife from around the globe and is full of interactive cards for kids to play along with. 
Created specially by Yoto with LEGO DUPLO, these cards are designed to be enhanced by the World Animals set - but don’t worry if you don’t have the bricks at home, there’s still plenty of fun to be had! 
Along with music, a story, and a make-your-own card—this pack also includes a soundscapes card with four different soundscapes to inspire imaginative play, as well as three interactive activity cards. Listeners will be galloping like horses and stretching high like giraffes, identifying different animal sounds and listening to clues to crack animal riddles. 
If you like the sound of this, check out our four other LEGO DUPLO audio packs exploring numbers, life on the farm, different vehicles and the alphabet. 
Phonics: Letters and Sounds - Phase 1Phase 2, and Phase 3 
Written and created by our very own Jake Harris, a former school teacher, these cards give kids the tools to succeed on their phonics and reading journey. 
With some clever help from the Yoto’s pixel display, the audio will help listeners recognise letters, practise those letter sounds, and blend and sound out new words. I like to think of these as audio flashcards—but even better! 
Depending on the age and ability of your child—Yoto offers three different phases of Phonics sets, each building on the last. 
This card is pure fun! From drum sounds to bass guitars to DJ scratches—listeners will learn how to make music with their mouths from two world champion beatboxers.
Each track teaches new techniques building up to the beatboxing *wicka wicka* party finale! 
This set is perfect for budding bakers; featuring five simple step-by-step audio recipes that kids can follow at their own pace. 
From prepping ingredients to cooking; eating; and even tidying up; this scrumptious activity pack gives kids the opportunity to take the lead in the kitchen—with a mega side-serving of fun! A great family activity for a rainy afternoon; or prepping for a picnic or party. 
Don’t miss out on the Rocky Road—trust me! 
This card features 10 short exercises that are perfect for introducing mindfulness and meditation to young listeners.
Practise breath awareness by placing a hand or stuffed toy on your belly, notice details and focus by looking carefully at your hand, or think about your favourite food to learn all about gratitude. This card is certain to leave children (and adults!) feeling calm and focused. Aaaaand relax! 
Perfect for those younger listeners—this card uses audio and your Yoto players’ display to teach children simple words in five different languages—English, French, Spanish German, and Italian.
Each word has an accompanying icon that is displayed on the Yoto player and helps your child learn by associating words with images. Children can twist the right-hand button to choose a language, and then press it to reveal an image and hear the word. Kids can see if they can guess the word from the image, and learn to repeat what they hear. 
From animals, house and home, the environment, food, the body, transport and more, little listeners will be vocabulary wizzes in no time! 
Please note: under 3s should only use Yoto Player or Yoto Mini under parental supervision.

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