Five ways that kids benefit from learning phonics
Five ways that kids benefit from learning phonics

Five ways that kids benefit from learning phonics

Phonics is one of the first language skill-sets that young children learn. It teaches kids to read and write, helping them to identify different sounds in the English language. Think of phonics as the building blocks for words, sentences and full-blown conversations!

But did you know that it promotes lots of wider benefits? Read on to discover our favourite five.

1. Phonics improve kids’ confidence

Through learning phonics and developing their communication skills, children can better express their thoughts and feelings, ask questions about the world around them and learn how to collaborate with others. 

2. Phonics improve reading comprehension

Phonics develops vocabulary! It teaches kids to decode big new words as they read by sounding them out in smaller chunks, improving both their general knowledge and understanding of the words they are reading. 

3. Phonics promotes imagination

As kids develop their reading skills and learn about new people, places and experiences, they’ll find it easier to visualise what they read and imagine themselves in exciting situations.

4. Learning phonics helps other subjects, too

By developing phonics skills, kids become more active readers, which improves their performance in other subject areas, too - not just English. They’ll form original ideas, ask meaningful questions and find inspiration in the world around them.

5. Learning phonics is fun!

With vibrant accompanying images and sound, learning phonics can be a blast! There’s loads of ways to get started - why not try our Phonics: Letters & Sounds series? With three phases based on the UK national curriculum, this series uses fun-filled interactive exercises and helpful visuals to develop kids’ vocabulary.

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