Children's Mental Health Week with Moshi
Children's Mental Health Week with Moshi

Children's Mental Health Week with Moshi

It's Children's Mental Health Week, and Moshlings have arrived on Yoto just in time with two new cards. With this new partnership we are harnessing the power of audio to educate and improve the emotional well-being of children.

The more we discover about the importance of sleep and the benefits of practising mindfulness, the more we come to realise that building on our mental wellbeing must be treated as a life-long education, rather than a passing thought.

Like most skills, an individual is more likely to master the art of mindful thinking if they are introduced to the concept during their early childhood. Mindful audio is an accessible and immersive way to teach listeners how to tune into and learn about their own mental health safely and effectively.

Friends Forever with Moshi and Magical Stories feature mindful audio adventures in which children can explore a world where Moshlings live, work, play and dream.

Get ready for a magical mindfulness world for little ones with Moshi’s unique world of stories, meditations, and music…

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Enjoy better bedtimes with Yoto

How can Yoto help?

Nine out of ten Yoto families use a player at bedtime. From newborns to teens, here's how Yoto can support your family's nightly routines.

Day-and-night Clock: The clock will show the sun during the day and the moon at night. Set your night time and ok-to-wake time in the Yoto App.

Night Light: Tip the Yoto Player onto its face to turn on the nightlight. Turn the right hand dial to dim or brighten and choose the colour - for night and day - in the app. Note: Yoto Player should be positioned on a flat surface away from the bed. Sleep Sounds are all available for free in the Yoto App.

Sleep Radio: At night, Yoto Radio becomes Sleep Radio. It's a carefully chosen radio stream that helps your little one drift off at bedtime. For nap times, you can also set Sleep Radio to play in the day by changing the settings in the app.

Sleep Timer: Set your players to stop audio playing at a certain time, or after a certain amount of time.

Alarms: If your kids aren't early risers... lucky you! Help them rise and shine with a handful of cheerful Yoto alarms. And use alarms at other times in the day, for when it's time for school in the morning, to when it's time for PJs at night.

Sleep Cards: Choose from a wide range of sleep-focused Yoto Cards from the store, from sleep sounds, to sleepy stories, to meditation and more.

Button Shortcuts: Either side of sleeping, use the right button shortcuts on Yoto player to play different pieces of audio for your daily routines. From Yoto Daily in the morning, to a Toothbrush Timer, you can play them all at the touch of a button. Just make your selections in The Yoto App.

Sleep Sounds: Fill the silence of nighttime with the sounds of rolling waves, rustling leaves, and other cosy atmospheres. Or lull your little one to sleep with trusty white noise.


Find out more on our dedicated sleep page and discover stories, music, and meditation cards in the Yoto Card Store for a good night's sleep.

Got a question or a suggestion? Get in touch.

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