Back to School with Yoto!

Back to School with Yoto!

August is here, the Euros are over (spoiler: football didn’t come home), and with summer ending before it even started, it’s nearly time to head back-to-school. 

Dun, dun, duuuuun...

But, fear not! We’re all clued up about the different educational needs of children aged between 0-12+, which is why we're constantly adding to our awesome card library and improving our range of educational and mindfulness cards. Because we believe it's super duper important for kids to feel both relaxed and excited about learning - and for parents to feel the same.

The past school year has been pretty uncertain. We know that many of you, and your children, might be feeling a little anxious about the transition back to the classroom. But we can help you find peace of mind by ensuring your little ones are prepped, ready and raring to run, skip and jump back into learning mode.

Whether it's upping their maths game with Ladybird Addition and Subtraction, or finding the time to reflect in between lessons with Mini Mindfulness: Mindful Moments, pick up our recommended cards for back-to-school and bring on September! We’re ready when you are...



Ladybird Addition and Subtraction (3-6 year-olds)

Author: Ladybird

Did you know that maths can be fun? No, really …

Ladybird Addition and Subtraction is a creative and interactive audiobook designed to help 3-6 year-olds develop basic mathematics skills, working with numbers up to 20. With games and repeatable exercises, this audiobook introduces children to number bonds and will help them to practise their basic maths skills. They’ll be mini maths masters in no time!

Did you know? Every odd number has an E in it. We’re serious! Told you maths could be fun...



Mini Mindfulness: Mindful Moments (5-8, 8-12+)

Author: Yoto

As we get back into the groove of things post-pandemic, many kids are feeling worried about returning to     school. We don’t blame them - it’s been an unusual year! But our mindfulness audio can help reignite their spark for learning and quell some of those anxious feelings.

Practicing mindfulness helps children to stay calm and relaxed throughout the day, teaching them to acknowledge and process their emotions in a healthy way (hey, that rhymed!). In turn, this improves their focus and prepares them for learning - and can also be a great bonding experience for you and your little learners. Pop on a Mini Mindfulness: Mindful Moments card, close your eyes, and relax - together.

Have you heard about our Mindfulness Corners? With this amazing new initiative, we'll be providing 200 schools across the U.K. with the tools to bring mindfulness into the classroom alongside the Queen of Kitchen Disco, Sophie Ellis-Bextor!



My First 100 Words (0-5, 5-8, 8-12+) 

Author: Yoto

From ant to bee, learning languages has never been so fun. 

My First 100 Words, included in the Yoto Starter Pack, allows children to hear the words for their favourite things in five languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian and English. At the same time, a vibrant accompanying image is triggered on your Yoto Player’s display to help with learning and memorising. A great starter to language learning for kids, they’ll soon be telling their ‘regenbogen’ (rainbow) from their ‘autopompa’ (fire truck). 

Fun fact: ‘apprendre’ means ‘to learn’ in French!



The Planets and The Solar System (5-8, 8-12)

Author: Jen Green

Soar through the stars, planets, and beyond in this educational audio journey all about space. Don’t forget your spacesuit!

Living busily on Planet Earth, we rarely remember that we inhabit only a minuscule part of the universe. In The Planets and The Solar System, join brilliant author Jen Green on a journey across billions of kilometers of our galaxy, from our Sun to near and distant planets. Some, like Mercury, have a molten core surrounded by crust (not the pizza kind) and spin quickly; Jupiter, on the other hand, is a big ball of gas. 

For 2,500 years, mathematicians and scientists, from Pythagoras to Hubble, have investigated our universe and found that the dimensions, the temperatures, and the speeds (light years!) are unbelievably extreme. A fascinating introduction for younger listeners - and older ones who want to brush up on their space jargon!



LEGO DUPLO - A is for Alphabet (0-5)

Author: Yoto

A is for Alphabet is a play-along audio card park that encourages kids to explore their big imaginations and creativity as they learn the alphabet. 

Containing seven LEGO® DUPLO® Yoto Cards, it’s full of songs, activities, soundscapes and a story which brings letters to life in fun and engaging ways. Ever danced on the spot whilst learning your ABCs? Or jumped on the Alphabet Truck to make a super special delivery? Well, your little ones can do all that and more with the LEGO® DUPLO®  - A is for Alphabet pack!

This audio pack can be enjoyed on its own and has also been specially designed to be enhanced by the LEGO® DUPLO® Alphabet Truck, sold separately.

Like the sound of these titles? Discover our full selection for back to school here.

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